"Try harder next time." - Jake defeating an opponent.

Jake Mutahiro is Aaron's, Keith's, and Jeanene's cousin and one of the funniest members in The Myztik Knights. He can show a lot of humor when he tries to cheer up his friends. Jake is known to have a major case of temper tantrum when someone calls him names for the fun of it. Overall, Jake can be crazy at times, but is always ready to help out, and can be a valuable member of the team.

Jake's known the other members for most of his life, mainly Aaron, due to th fact that the two are cousins. He specializes in tring to get everyone to join the activity. However, he would like to try and help out his family a whole lot more whenever he can.


Jake really likes to put in his talents of special vintriliquisum to use during their adventures with certain enemies, especially, Captain Hook. He also can mimic other people, such as The Baduns, Jasper and Horace. Jake can really give his opponents a run for their money, no pun intended. Jake mainly likes to play jokes on Team Rocket, mainly on all three of them, and love every bit of it.


  • Jake really loves to eat Pizza, especially with pepperoni as the topping
  • He really gets along with Ventus, since they love to try and do a lot of new ideas to help out the team
  • Jake is known to also have a huge fanbase on Pokemon

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