"I rather be  one of the teams combo specialist." - Jeanene telling more about herself.

Jeanene Matsuhiro is Aaron, & Keith's younger sister, and one of The Miztyk Knights, she is very intelligent dispite being only thriteen yrs. old, but when she helps out in learning something new, she's always up to the job. She can be a bit of let down when something bad happens, however, she always puts her allies first, before herself. Jeanene is really scared of bats every time reads Bram Stoker's Book, Dracula, However, the bat she does like, and not afraid of is Bartok the Bat.

Skills and Origin

Jeanene is very good at certain games like her brothers, except she had to learn them on her own. She wouldn't have known she'd be one of The Miztyk Knights until learning that she had a couple of brothers and were reunited before going on these new adventures. She now has a lot of friends that hang out with her now and again.


  • Jeanene is shown to have a bit of crush on Alone
  • Jeanene and Sasha are childhood friends when they first met at the Notre Dame Cathidral
  • Jeanene's Best Friend is Xion

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