S3E15 Star and Marco vs. Higgs and Sir Stabby

Jeffrey, Jaden, Hiccup & Friends' Storm Adventures of Star vs. The Forces of Evil - Trial by Squire is an upcoming crossover to be made by Tigerman531, Aaron the Meerkat and Ren the God of Humor.




Dragon Attractant

  • Marco: *grabs a can of "dragon repellent", sprays it and sniffs* Ugh! Yep! That's the stuff!
  • Higgs: Yoo-hoo!! *is on the "Dragon Repellent" sign and removes the "Repellent" part to reveal the sign says "Dragon Attractant", which is what Marco sprayed on him*
  • Dragon-Jeffrey: ...!! *sniffs the air and smiles*
  • Aqua: *sniffs and smiles widely* Oh my! Something smells wonderful!!
  • Xion: *smiles* Wow!
  • Spike: *sniffs and drools happily* It smells like... tasty sapphires...
  • Mushu: *sniffs and smiles*
  • Aqua: *smiles as she sniffs* It smells like... a flower garden!!
  • Xion: *smiles* Yeah! *sniffs*
  • Toothless: *Smells and Pants Happily*
  • Mushu: *sniffing and smiles* How does it smell to you, Jeffrey?!
  • Spike: Yeah how does it?!
  • Jeffrey: *smiles* Like a delicious meal!!
  • (Other nearby dragons smell it too)
  • Meatlug: *pants and stares at Marco*
  • Marco: *sees the label on the spray can* Uh oh...
  • (all Dragons get Pile on Marco)
  • Xion: *smiles* Sorry, Marco, but you smell pretty good!
  • Marco: *struggles to get up* Guys!! Come on!! Get off me!!
  • Hookfang: *Slurps Marco*
  • Hiccup: Heads up Marco, Disney Dragons incoming.
  • Marco: WHAT?!
  • DJ: Just when this day couldn't get any crazier...
  • (Figment, Elliot, Maleficent, Mim, Nessie and The Reluctant dragon pile up too)
  • Discord: *to the 4th wall* Interesting choice of cameos. Am i right?
  • Marco: *struggling more* Geez, Jeffrey. Have you weighed yourself?!
  • Steven: to many Dragons.
  • Dragon-Jeffrey: Sorry, dude.
  • Jaden: *arrives over* ...?!?! Guys!! What are you doing?!?
  • Marco: They think I'm Smell Good.
  • Dragon-Jeffrey: Jaden?
  • Jaden: ....? Smell good? *sees the can of Dragon Attractant on the floor and sprays it curiously*
  • Marco: No! don't do it!!!
  • Dragon-Jeffrey: ...!! *sniffs Jaden, smiles and licks him*
  • Jaden: AAH!!!! *laughing* Bro!!! Cut that out!! That tickles!!!
  • Dragon-Jeffrey: *smiles* Sorry, little bro, but you smell so good!! *licks him*
  • Hiccup: oy vey.
  • Mushu: *hugging Marco's cheek* I'm soooooooooo into you.
  • Matches: *rubs Marco's leg*
  • Marco: Guys, Stop it!