Midnight Madness

Jeffrey, Jaden & Friends meet Ben 10 - Midnight Madness is an upcoming crossover to be made by Tigerman531 and Ren the God of Humor.




Ben's Sleep-Walking!

  • (In the ElementalMobile, everyone is sound asleep)
  • Baby Lily: *sucks her thumb*
  • (A noise is heard from the Rust-Bucket)
  • Jaden: *slowly wakes up* Huh...? *looks and sees Upgrade coming out* .....!!!!!! Oh no! *rushes over to Jeffrey and Aqua's bed and gently shakes Jeffrey a bit* Jeffrey! Jeffrey! Wake up!
  • Jeffrey: *mutters as he wakes up* Huh? Jaden?
  • Jaden: Oh thank goodness. We've got a problem!
  • Jeffrey: What is it?
  • Jaden: Ben's gone alien!
  • Jeffrey: At this hour?
  • Jaden: I don't know what's going on either. But we have to alert the others about this.
  • Jeffrey: Right. *gets over to Weebo and taps on her* Weebo! Wake up!
  • Weebo: *slowly starts to turn on and shows Sleepy the Dwarf yawning on her monitor*
  • Jeffrey: Weebo. We got a problem.
  • Weebo: Do you have any idea what time it is? *shows the time on her monitor*
  • Jeffrey: I know, but something's wrong.
  • Weebo: What is it?
  • Jeffrey: It's Ben. He's gone alien.
  • Weebo: What?!? *shows Simba as a cub in shock on her monitor*
  • Jeffrey: I don't know why, but we're gonna find out. Wake everyone up.
  • Weebo: Shall I got to alarm mode?
  • Jeffrey: Yes, please.
  • Weebo: Coming right up!! *goes to alarm mode and flies around the interior of the ElementalMobile to wake everyone up*
  • Scamper: *wakes up, annoyed* ...This had better be important.
  • Tammy: *moans and tries to cover her ears in her sleep*
  • DJ: *sleepy* ...Morning already?
  • Tammy: *hides her head under a pillow*
  • Xion: *yawns*
  • Jaden: *shakes Alexis gently* Honey?! Alexis!! Wake up!
  • Alexis: *yawns as she awakens*
  • Jaden: Sorry, baby, but Ben is going alien right now! Get dressed!
  • Alexis: Why would he do that at this hour?
  • Jeffrey: That's what i intend to find out. *shakes Aqua gently* Aqua? Honey?
  • Aqua: *smiles and still sleeps peacefully*
  • Jeffrey: *kisses her*
  • Aqua: ...! *slowly opens her eyes* Huh? Jeffrey, dear....?
  • Jeffrey: Sorry to wake you. But Ben's gone alien.
  • Aqua: At this hour?!
  • Jeffrey: Afraid so. We need to see what's going on. Get dressed.

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