The Justice Guardians' estate

Jeffrey, Jaden and Hiccup's Estate is the home of The Justice Guardians and Team Berk.


Since becoming one team, The Justice Guardians have made enough money to buy their own house. They end up getting an estate that was more like a castle.

Places in estate

Outside features

  • A lake
  • A playground
  • A warp pad
  • A big picnic table


  • The FugitoidWeebo, Milo, Lion and Cat Steven also reside here at the Estate. Cleo the Fish resides here as well since she really can't travel with the team. Wile E. Coyote will sometimes live here too.
  • Sometime later, Lea decides to live in the estate. When asked why, he simply says that he "just felt like he needed a place to crash". Eventually he moves in after joining the team.
  • There are several magic doors that transport to certain locations including Ponyville, Disney Castle, Berk, Corona, Arendelle, etc.
  • In one chronicles episode, Xion, Beetles, Nails, the CMC and several others get lost in the estate trying to find their way out.
  • Jeffrey installs a security system of his own design for the estate. After creating JARVIS Mark II, he downloads him into the estate's systems.
  • The password to Jeffrey's lab changes at times. Sometimes it's Skytsengel, Aqua, Xion, Lily, Jaden, Alexis,
  • Several members of the team do not live in the estate, like Snowflake, Mavis,