Jeffrey & Friends' Storm Adventures of Yu-Gi-Oh: Pyramid of Light is a upcoming crossover which is to made by tigerman531.


Jeffrey and his friends meet a duelist named Yugi Moto (along with one of his friends Zoe Cruger). When his rival Seto Kaiba challenges him to a duel, Yugi soon finds himself in the biggest duel he's had yet. Because this duel has incredible stakes in it! If Yugi loses, the evil force named Anubis will rule the world! Can Yugi, Jeffrey and their friends defeat Anubis?


  • Zoe Cruger (A character made by one of Tigerman531's best Youtube friends, Zoe Liddel) will guest star in this. At the end, she'll join the team.
  • It'll be revealed that Zoe Cruger is a friend of Kiva.
  • Anubis the God of Death will reveal that he has a couple of parents who will enjoy hearing about him. Referring to his father, Set the God of Chaos.

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