This scene is from Aaron gets Spirited Away, where Kurata reveals his true allegiance to Lucifer.


Aaron: Well, now that Haku is alright, where do we go to return the Seal?

???: You don't, it stays here, with Lucifer.

Megan: Akihiro Kurata!

Jake: What do you think you're doing here?

Kurata: Why working with my new boss of course.

Kaito: What?!

Keith: What're you talking about?

Kurata: What I mean, is that I'm now a member of The Kingdom of Darkness; or in short, I serve Lucifer.

Aaron: What?! Kurata, don't you know what you're doing? You're working with a Devil God!

Kamagie: (gasps) You mean The Dark Lord of Pandemonium himself, The one called Lucifer.

Jeanene: That's Right.

Emi: And he's bad and rotten to the core.

Kurata: (laughing) And now to get what I came here for, give me The Gold Seal!

Chihiro: No! I can't, Haku got hurt because of this Seal!

Kurata: Suit yourself, little Chihiro!

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