Lola is a part of Cleo's posse. She is very smart and considers herself a lot smarter than anyone.

Duel monster cards

  • Gambler of Legend
  • Slot Machine
  • Goblin Attack Force
  • Nekogal 1
  • Revival of Dokurorider
  • Dokurorider
  • 7 Completed
  • Poison of the Old Man
  • Injection Fairy Lily
  • Double or Nothing!
  • Blowback Dragon
  • Barrel Dragon
  • Gatling Dragon
  • Polymerzation
  • Giga-Tech Wolf
  • Cannon Soldier
  • Labyrinth Tank
  • Oni Tank T-34
  • Ushi Oni
  • V-Tiger Jet
  • W-Wing Catapult
  • VW-Tiger Catapult
  • X-Head Cannon
  • Y-Dragon Head
  • Z-Metal Tank
  • XYZ-Dragon Cannon
  • XY-Dragon Cannon
  • XZ-Tank Cannon
  • YZ-Tank Dragon
  • VWXYZ-Dragon Catapult Cannon


  • Lola will become Jeffrey and Jaden's enemy in Bully for Xion.

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