The Lorax

The Lorax (voiced Danny Devito) is the main protagonist of Jaden meets The Lorax (2012). He is the guardian of the forest who defends all things in nature from harm. When the Once-ler chopped down a single Truffula Tree to make his Thneed, the Lorax popped out of the stump of the tree. With Jaden and his teams help, he tried to get the Once-ler to leave the forest. He got the Once-ler to promise never to cut down anymore trees, but after his Thneed became a success, he enlisted his family for help, and they convinced him to cut down trees again. The Lorax and Jaden's team tried to get him to stop, but it eventually became too late, as the Once-ler deforestated the land. The Lorax had to send off the animals to a better land, and he departed to the skies leaving a stonecut word: "Unless." Several years later, a boy named Ted planted the last Truffula seed, and when the land was recovering, the Lorax returned to the Once-ler.


  • The Lorax will meet Jeffrey in Jeffrey & Friends meet The Lorax.
  • The Lorax is one of Jeffrey's summons.