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Lord Farquaad (voiced by John Lithgow) is the main antagonist in Jaden meets Shrek. He had all the fairy tale creatures exiled to Shrek's swamp, so Jaden, Shrek and Donkey traveled to Duloc to confront him. He then made a deal with them: If they rescued Princess Fiona for him, he would give them the swamp back. Once they did so, Farquaad took Fiona to Duloc so they could get married. However, when he discovered Fiona's curse, he was immediately disgusted and ordered Jaden, Shrek and Fiona locked up. Luckily, Dragon showed up and ate Farquaad.



  • Farquaad will become Jeffrey's enemy in Jeffrey & Friends meet Shrek.
  • Farquaad will become Sly Cooper's enemy in Sly Cooper meets Shrek.
  • Farquaad will become the Eds' enemy in The Eds meet Shrek.