Maliss, Brother of The Evil Queen

"Looking Glass upon the wall, At my command you will show me all!"-Lord Maliss's chant to the Magic Mirror.

Lord Maliss (voiced by Malcolm McDowell) is The Evil Queen's brother, who vowed to avenge his sister's recent death, by destroying Snow White, & her prince. With him were a couple of animals, who always caused nothing but trouble. Maliss is shown to be cruel, ruthless, & also patient when he needs to be. He is shown as a middle aged man of sorcery, dressed in a blue shit, black pants, wears a black belt, long brown boots, & a blue cape. he has green skin, black hair, & a black french styled mustache. Lord Maliss is also one of the many allies to the infamous Bowser, along with his wife, Mistress 9, & their son, Bowser Jr., and The Koopa Troopers.


Maliss is capable of a powerful beam of light that comes out of his eyes, & also controls demonic animals. When he needs to, he can transform into a ferocious dragon, for flight, however his dragon form doesn't breathe fire. Maliss even wields a special cloak that turns anyone, & anything into stone.



  • Lord Maliss will become Aaron's enemy in Aaron, & Friends Power Adventures of Snow White Happily Ever After. At the end, he'll become a member of The Kingdom of Darkness.
  • Lord Maliss will become Arik's enemy in Arik's Adventures of Saint Seiya Warriors of the Final Holy Battle.