Love Conquers All Part 1 is the 7th episode in the second season of Jeffrey & Friends' Adventures Chronicles. It's also a two-part episode.


Patch and Collette's love for each other continues to develop. But Collette's sister Danielle is jealous of her own sister since she doesn't have a boyfriend. So she decides to do the meanest thing anyone would do to a couple: break them up! Can Jeffrey, Spyro and the others stop Danielle before she causes Patch and Collette to break up with each other?


  • GUEST STARS: Spyro, Cynder, Sparx, Annette, Collette, Danielle, Scamp, Angel, Lucky, Cadpig, Rolly, Spot and Discord.
  • Rolly will have a crush on Danielle in this episode.
  • Discord will maniputlate Danielle into trying to get Patch and Collette to break up with each other.
  • The storyline continues in episode 8 Love Conquers All Part 2.


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