Lucemon Chaos Mode b

Lucemon in his Chaos/Fallen Form

Lucemon (voiced by Mona Marshall) is the leader of The Seven Demon Lord Digimon of the Digital World. He was once a kind archangel Digimon who stopped a battle between The Warrior and Beast type Digimon. Unfortunately, he soon enveloped a need for power to take over the digital world, and rebuild it in his own image, but was defeated and sealed by the ten legendary warriors of the digital world. However, he managed to escape with the help of a tricked, and corrupted Cherubimon, and two of the Royal Knights, Dynasmon, and Crusadermon. He then took the data of both defeated knights and entered Chaos Mode, and absorbed Koichi's Data. However, he was struck down by Susanoomon, and was purified, while his dark side became, Satan Mode, with his true form, Larva Mode inside his Gehnma Sphere. He finally met his end when both Satan Mode was destroyed by Susanoamon, and Larva Mode brought down by The Ten Legendary Warriors, and was defeated once and for all.



  • He will meet Aaron and his team in several disguises until revealing himself in his true form the Chaos mode.
  • Lucemon is the Digimon form of Lucifer
  • He will become Aaron's enemy in Aaron's Adventures of Saint Seiya and the Warriors of The Final Holy Battle
  • Lucemon's Sin is Pride.