Professor layton and the curious village conceptart O2m6o

I can't believe its been four years since that case." - Luke to Layton.

Luke Triton (voiced by Lani Minella) is Professor Layton's apprentice and hopes to become a true gentleman just like Layton. He can be a bit off from any of the mysteries, but he tries and learns from his mistakes. Luke is very kind, and brave, with a unigue ability to communicate with animals.


While helping out Professor Layton at his home, he takes care of normal chores, mainly getting the male, and watering the garden. Luke also does a good job at making tea, and cleaning the house, if the Professor is too tired from working to hard that is. Luke also seems to get well other people, mainly Alone, Sasha, Jaden, Jeffrey and Xion.


  • Luke is well known to learn things very well from his teammates and tries to help out if he can.
  • He's one of the only people who learns on how to be a true gentleman from the other two famous detectives, and Layton.

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