Machinedramon t

Machinedramon (voiced by Dave Guerrie) is Mega Level Virus Digimon, and is one of the Dark Masters. He along with Piedmon, Puppetmon, and Metalseadramon reconfigured the Digital world on Spiral Mountain to make it easier to control. He ruled the city portion of Spiral Mountain. He used a lot of Machine type Digimon to try to destroy the Digi-Destined. He was defeated by WarGreymon.


Giga Cannon: Fires superdreadnought-class energy waves from its two cannons.

Dragon Fire: Drills its right arm into the opponent.

Catastrophe Day: Detonates itself in a large explosion.

Infinity Hand: Launches a blast of energy from its hand.



  • Machinedramon will be rebulit by Set and his villains and will guest star in Jaden's Adventures of Robots.
  • Machinedramon will return for revenge in Jeffrey, Jaden, and Friends' Storm Adventures of The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy .
  • Machinedramon will become Aaron's enemy in the future.
  • Machinedramon was once a Sharptooth that Pooh and his friends killed as it sank down into some deep water, then it was recreated as Machinedramon.
  • In Japan, Machinedramon is called Mugendramon. Mugen meaning Infinity.