Super Saiyan Kid Trunks by dbzataricommunity

Malrek Morso In Super Saiyan 1 Form.

Ultimate Super Saiyan 2 Gohan

Malrek Morso In Super Saiyan 2 Form.


Malrek Morso In Super Saiyan 3 Form.

Goku ssj4

Malrek Morso In Super Saiyan 4 Form.

Malrek Morso son of Vektin Morso & Karra  Malrek came from the future to help Vektin with what ever he needed help with. Malrek Morso also has a sister that came from the future to. help too. her name is Elizabeth Morso, Malrek even thougth that Vektin & Kara did not have kid's yet he had to listen to Vektin. Malrek went on some mission's with Vektin, Malrek is some help during the mission's he goes on. but not all the help some of the stuff Vektin does by his self. Malrek is from the future but is some help to Vektin's need's!

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