"What's going on here?!" - Mammon demanding an answer.

Mammon is one of Fallen Demon Lords of Darkness. He is the Lord of Treachrey, until Barbatos came along. He is very tricky on his opponents, & will do anything to reclaim his title as Lord of Greed. He is very crafty, greedy, & always looking for a chance to get back at Barbatos for stealing his title. His apprentice is none other than Lord Maliss, the brother of The Evil Queen. One problem is when Lucifer, learns of his problems, with Barbatos, he gets into a lot of trouble. While Mammon is being spoken, Lucifer tells Maliss to do something while they're busy.


Mammon is designed after his apprentice Lord Maliss, except his is black & red outfit, & he has wings sticking out his back.


  • Mammon will join The Kingdom of Darkness in the near Future.

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