A sad Marie

"Ladies do not start fights. But they can finish them." - Marie.

Marie (voiced by Liz English) is a character from The Aristocats. She is one of Duchess' kittens. Her brothers are Toulouse and Berlioz.

Though Marie is kind, cute, caring and beautiful, she can also be somewhat prissy and spoiled. She is also prone to tattling on her brothers. Marie thinks of herself as a lady, despite her brothers' protests and tries to act ladylike. She seems to be danger-prone.


  • Marie will meet Jaden in Jaden's Adventures of The Aristocats.
  • It is revealed that the Cheshire Cat is Marie's great uncle.
  • Marie will meet Jeffrey in Jeffrey & Friends' Adventures of The Aristocats.
  • Marie will meet Dave Felis in Dave Felis' Adventures of The Aristocats. Oliver will fall in love with her.

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