Arashi- charas

Mei the goat and Gabu the wolf are the main characters from a japanese animated movie called Arashi no Yoru ni. During a stormy night, they both took shelter in a barn from the rain. Next morning, they met each other and were surprised to see that one of them was a goat and the other was a wolf. Even though they were meant to be enemies, Mei and Gabu became best friends.


  • Mei and Gabu will appear in Jeffrey & Friends meet The Seventh Brother, which will reveal that they're both friends of the rabbit family.
  • Even though he seems to have a girl's name, Mei is actually a boy goat.
  • A running gag is that most people are scared of Gabu since he's a wolf.
  • Another running gag is that when Mei and Gabu hear thunder, they become pretty scared.

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