Miztykz: Knights and Legends is the prequel to Aaron's Adventures, and Arik's Adventures. It tells how our heroes met, became great friends, and became the heroes they are today. The Movie will then be the start of Aaron's Adventures.

Main Charactrers


  1. The Adventure Begins
  2. Tetsuo: The Masked Crow
  3. Anicent City
  4. The Reaper Strikes
  5. Meeting Megan
  6. Tag Team Trouble
  7. High Business
  8. Enter The Dragon
  9. Surprising Enterance
  10. The Grand Brawl
  11. The Rise of Zoron
  12. Divide And Conquer
  13. Massive Flow
  14. Enter Monstrolia
  15. Land of Demons
  16. Wrath of Lucifer
  17. Rise of The Void
  18. The Fate of Two Worlds
  19. The Next Adventure


This movie will be in fact the sequel to the actual series itself.

Songs for Intro and Ending


  • Yumegokochi yah! yah! yah! - JAM Project
  • Fight! Fight! Fighting! - JAM Project


  • Yashashii Yoake- See Saw
  • Silly-Go-Round-FictionJiction Yuuka

Movie opening

  • Butterfly

Movie Ending

  • Tsubasa season 1 ending


  • This series will show how Aaron and Megan meet, and how Aaron starts to develop feelings for her.
  • This will even tell how The Miztyk Knights began to travel to other worlds.
  • At the end of the moive, Miztykz: Legend of The Black Dragon, Alexander The Great will tell our heroes that an Old enemy, Lucifer, has returned, and attacking other worlds, meaning this will begin Aaron's Adventures Series.
  • This series will also have a manga adaptation, which will tell the story, and later on have a different set of manga stories for Aaron's Adventures, along with its very own anime.

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