Pagemaster 16

Mr. Hyde's demise.

My name is...MR. HYDE!!! - Mr. Hyde to Richard, Fantasy, Adventure and Horror after transforming.

Mr. Hyde (voiced by the late Lenoard Nimoy) is Dr. Jekyll's alter ego and (according to Ren the God of Humor) the main antagonist of Jaden meets the Pagemaster. After Dr. Jekyll drank his potion, which is separate a persons evil half to leave only the good, he became the monstrous form that is Mr. Hyde. He uncontrollably tried to kill Richard, Jaden, and the others, but fell down a hole of the mansion floor. Mr. Hyde is based on the original character of the same name by Robert Louis Stevenson, who also created the story of Treasure Island. Mr. Hyde's main weapon is his cain, which is mainly used to smash stuff, even hurt innocent people. Mr. Hyde's full name is Mr. Edward Hyde, after being born from Dr. Henry Jekyll's heart as his dark side.


  • Mr. Hyde might return in the series.
  • Leonard Nimoy who voices Mr. Hyde also voices Master Xehanort.