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Mr. Swackhammer's defeat.

Mr. Swackhammer (voiced by Danny DeVito) is the main antagonist in Jaden's Adventures of Space Jam.

He is the proprietor of a galactic amusement park named Moron Mountain. He sent the Nerdlucks, along with a list of enemies from the past, to capture Jaden and the Looney Tunes to use for his theme park. So, Jaden and his friends challenged the Nerdlucks to a basketball game. Ultimately, after Jaden and his friends won. After realizing they had the size-advantage over him now, the Monstars turned against their abusive boss, strapped him to a rocket and sent him flying to the moon.


  • Mr. Swackhammer will become Jeffrey's enemy in Jeffrey & Friends' Adventures of Space Jam.
  • Mr. Swackhammer will return for revenge in Jeffrey and Friends' Storm Adventures of House of Villains.

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