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Mumm-Ra as The Ever Living

"Ancient Spirits of Evil. Transform this decayed form into Mumm-Ra, The Ever Living!" - Mumm-Ra's transformation spell.

Mumm-Ra, is the main antagonist of the new ThunderCats.

Mumm-Ra (voiced by Robin Atkin Downes) is a powerful sorceror with a vast army of minions. He seeks the same ancient artifacts as the ThunderCats and will destroy anyone or anything that stands in his way. He is based on the 1980s character of the same name. But unlike his counter part from that period, when he becomes The Ever Living, he grows wings out his back, instead of his cape becoming the wings.



  • Mumm-Ra is Darkseid's brother and a member of the Horde of Darkness.
  • Mumm-Ra is also a member of the Kingdom of Darkness.
  • Mumm-Ra Will Become Skywalker Ben "Maza"Skywalker's Enemy & Member of The Brotherhood of Darkness.
  • He is weak to strong sunlight but he can turn into a raven to prevent himself from dying and in his mummified form he doesn't have any fighting ability