Myotismon (voiced by Richard Epcar) is one of the main antagonists in the Digimon franchise. His goal was to rule both Digimon and human world. He had many Digimon henchmen, including Gatomon. He went to the human world to try to find the eighth Digi-Destined and destroy her. After he discovered that Gatomon is the Digimon to the eighth child, he used her to find Kari, and planned to destroy them both. After Myostimon killed Wizardmon, Gatomon was able to Digivolve into Angewomon and destroy Myotismon.

But Myotismon was finished yet. Myotismon was revived into VenomMyotismon and seeked revenge on the Digi-Destined. None of their Digimon could stop him at first until Agumon and Gabumon digivolved into WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon.

But, Myotismon had another plan, and used Yukio Oikawa, as a host to bring out dark spores in kids and eventually returned as MaloMyotismon. His plan failed and he finally met his end at the hands of the Digidestined, mainly at the hands of the Fighter mode of Imperialdramon.


As Myotismon

  • Grisly Wing: Manipulates a countless swarm of bats, and begins a surprise attack.
  • Crimson Lightning: Uses a stream of blood like a whip.
  • Nightmare Claw: Unleashes a ring of dark fears and nightmares to shroud his opponents in fear.

As VenomMyotismon

  • Venom Infusion: Releases six beams of negative energy towards the enimy and destroys them.

As MaloMyotismon

  • Crimson Mist: Unleashes a steaming fum of red mist to dissolve anyhting on contact.
  • Screaming Darkness: Unleashes two two spheres of darkness at the enemy and deals a lot of damage.