Prince Naveen (voice by Bruno Campos) is the deuteragonist of Jaden meets The Princess and the Frog. He is a fun-loving man, who can be a bit laid-back at times. Despite being a prince, he's broke because his parents cut off his allowance. However, and man named Dr. Facilier would help him with money, and Naveen took his offer. But instead, Facilier turned him into a frog. Naveen believed that if Tiana kissed him, he would be human again. But after kissing him, Tiana became a frog too. With the help from Louis the Alligator, Ray the Firefly, Jaden and his Friends, they were able to help him and Tiana brake the spell. In the end, he marries Tiana, and with her as a princess, it causes the spell to break, and they open their own restaurant.


  • Naveen will meet Jeffrey and his team in Jeffrey & Friends' Adventures of The Princess and The Frog.

    Naveen as a human.