Nightcrawler a.k.a. Kurt Wagner (performed by Alan Cumming)  is a member of the X-men. He is the team's teleporter and "elf". He is The son of Mystique and Rogue's foster brother.


  • Teleportatin: Nightcrawler's main power is teleporting, he can only teleport to short distance about 2 miles. However, he can't teleport to places he had never seen otherwise he would get killed.
  • Wall-crawling: Nightcrawler can crawl on walls.
  • Super strength: Kurt has shown to have super strength.
  • Night vision: Kurt can see at night.
  • Camoflague: Due to his dark blue fur, Kurt can hid in the shadows, becoming totally unseen by anyone.


  • Swordsman: Kurt is shown to be able to handle a sowrd.
  • Hand-to-hand-combat: Kurt is an ecxellent hand-to-hand combatent.
  • Acrobat: Kurt has shown to have good skills in acrobat.


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