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Aloysius O'Hare (voiced by Rob Riggle) is the main antagonist of Jaden meets The Lorax (2012). He is the mayor of Thneedville, where everything is made of plastic and metal. O'Hare is also the head of "O'Hare Air" company that supplies fresh air to people. He's determinded to keep the existance of trees a secret to everyone. He tried to stop Ted, Jaden and his team from seeing the Once'ler, and covered Audrey's painting of nature. After Ted and Jaden recieved the last Truffula tree seed, O'Hare found out about this, and tried to destroy it. He even tried to rally the people to stop Ted and Jaden, but they defy O'Hare and expel him from town.


  • O'Hare is one of few humans that Jaden calls "a monster."
  • O'Hare will become Jeffrey's enemy in Jeffrey & Friends meet The Lorax.