Oliver (voiced by Joey Lawrence) is the main character of Oliver & Company. He's a young orange kitten who befriends a street-smart dog named Dodger and his friends. His owner is a little girl named Jenny Foxworth.

His parents are Danny and Sawyer. Oliver's uncle is The Cat in the Hat.


  • Oliver will meet Jaden in Jaden meets Oliver & Company.
  • Oliver will meet Jeffrey and his team in Jeffrey & Friends meet Oliver & Company.
  • Oliver will meet Dave Felis and reunite with his parents in Dave Felis Meets Oliver and Company. At the end, he joins Team C.A.T.
  • In Dave Felis' Adventures of The Aristocats, Oliver falls in love with Marie.
  • Oliver will guest star in Jeffrey, Spongebob, Spyro, Dave Felis & Friends meet Flubber.
  • Oliver will meet the Bugs and Daffy's Adventures gang in Bugs and Daffy's Adventures of Oliver & Company. He also joins the team for the all-star Bugs and Daffy's Adventures of Fantasmic! He may guest star in a few other adventures.
  • Oliver will meet Eddy, Double D, Ed and Darkblade in The Eds' Adventures of Oliver & Company.

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