Leader of The Black Knights

Oneiros is a powerful warrior and loyal knight to his leader, and always sticks to a mission until the very end. He always seems to get some problems with his allies, but when he makes them stop, they do it. Oneiros has a hidden power that allows him to merge with his allies and become more monstrous in size.


Oneiros was always making sure no fighting between his team took place, and take it out on the enemy instead. After being banished, he has a power to take care of his own fights as well. He is most dangerous of The Black Knights.


  • Oneiros is the oldest of four brothers.
  • Settei-Oneiros2copy

    Oneiros's True Form

    He is the most trustworthy to the General Hypnos, and Thantos
  • He will stop at nothing until his masters command is fullfilled

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