This is a scene that will be used in the upcoming Jeffrey & Friends' Adventures Chronicles episode, The day Patch falls in love. In this scene, Patch confesses his love for Collette to her.

Patch: Uh...Collette?

Collette: Yes?

Patch: *sighs* Ever since i met you, I've had feelings...for you. And i let you know mean everything to me. What I'm trying to say, Collette, is...*sighs* that you.

Collette: *gasps* Really?

Patch: Yeah. More than life itself.

Collette: ...! *kisses him*

Mitsuki: That was beautiful.

Mimi: Just like Jaden and Alexis.

Mushu: It's magical. I'm not gonna cry. I'm not... *sobbing loudly*

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