This is a scene that will be used in the Jeffrey & Friends' Adventures Chronicles episode, The Origin of Belle. In this scene, Patch and Collette have a word with their daughter Belle. But it ends up becoming a arguement.

(Belle is outside, chained to a leash that's attached to a doghouse)

Adult Patch: Belle?

Belle: ...? Yes, daddy?

Adult Collette: Your father and i brought some food here for you. We thought you might be hungry.

Belle: Hmph.

Adult Patch: We're sorry, hon. But you're just have to learn to shapen up a little. That's all.

Belle: I'm always in trouble around here.

Adult Collette: Sometimes, it's hard to be part of a family. You have to obey certain rules.

Belle: But I'm tired of being told what to do. I wanna do things my way.

Adult Patch: Belle, you can't always do whatever you want.

Belle: Why not?

Adult Collette: Because the world out there is full of traps. Around here, you have a family that loves you.

Belle: As long as i do what I'm told. I just...feel like i don't belong here. Did you ever feel this?

Adult Collette: Your uncle Scamp was just like you when he was your age.

Adult Patch: So was i. Belle, we're only trying to protect you.

Belle: By putting me on this stupid chain?

Adult Collette: Those are the rules, dear.

Belle: All i ever hear are rules, rules, rules! "Don't do this!". "Don't do that!". Rules are so dumb! (barking madly)

Adult Collette: Stop barking like that this instant!

Belle: But i don't want to!

Adult Patch: We won't have you behaving like this!

Belle: Only cause you wanna have me do what you want! It's not fair! You never let me what i want! You guys are so mean! I hate you!!

(Then Belle breaks free of the chain and runs away crying)

Adult Collette: Belle, wait!

Adult Patch: Belle, come back!

Belle: Leave me alone! (continues sobbing as she continues running away)

Adult Collette: (gasps quietly and sadly) Oh, no.

Adult Patch: (sighs sadly)

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