Paula's Kisses Of Doom Is The episode Of Hiccup's Adventures Chronicles, It's About How Dr Hutchinson Kisses Filburt All The time. But Fishlegs Notice That kisses Of Doom Legend. The Episode Will Be Made By Aaron the Meerkat.


Dr Hutchinson And Filburt always In Love All The Time. But When She Kisses Him. Fishlegs Talk To Filburt and The Gang The Kisses Of Doom Legend. But When Hiccup Walks Around, He notices Filburt Is Scared And Think Dr Hutchinson Kisses Is Curse And He Got Kissed And Got 24 Hours to Live. He Becomes Scared And Hiccup Tries To Get Away From Dr Hutchinsons kisses, if she kisses anyone, they will die. And Dr Hutchinson Wants To Talk to Hiccup, But Hiccup Get Way From Her.But Hiccup Discovered That The Kisses Of Doom Is Worked By Queen La's Trick. Can Hiccup Solves The problem By Undo La's Curse?


  • Jaden, Jeffrey, Xion, Patch and Collette Is willing To Help Hiccup To undo La's Trick Before Dr Hutchinson Keeps Kissing Anyone And Anyone Can Die.
  • Queen La Will Be guest Starring In The episode.


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