Pepper Ann

Pepper Ann

Pepper Ann Pearson (voiced by Kathleen Wilhoite) is a quirky,unpredictable and lovely 12-year-old 7th grader at Hazelnut Middle School. She is best friends with Milo Kamalani and Nicky Little. Her mother is Lydia Pearson and she has a tomboyishly beautiful little sister named Moose. Her grandma is Miss Chism. She often has elaborate fantasy sequences in which her reflection acts as her conscience during moral dilemmas. Pepper Ann has a crush on Craig Bean.

At the end of the title sequence, Pepper Ann always finds something different under her desk (for the first season, it was always "five bucks", but later on in the series, the item would vary, e.g., a mood ring).


  • Pepper Ann joined the Cyberchase Fighters along with Nicky and Milo at the end of Michael Buzz and Delete Meet Pepper Ann.

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