one  upon a time in medeveil germeny lived a king in a great castle with his queen and daughter Snow White but the good queen died and the king is forced to remarry so he remarried another Queen one so cruel and vain jealous of Snow White when the king died Snow White was forced into rags and scrubbing the floors in the courtyard the Queen also had a magic mirror whom she questioned everyday who the fairest was and the mirror replied that she was the fairest she made her happy but times changed the next day the Queen consulted her Magic Mirror on who the fairest was but this time the mirror replied Snow White which made the Queen angry meanwhile Bluto arrives at the castle and gets hired by the Queen to help her with her evil bidding afterwards Popeye Olive Oil and Wimpy arrive in germeny and meet Snow White and become her friends and Snow White tells them of a wishing well wushing for Prince Charming to come and sweep her off her feet and he arrives at the well but the Queen looking out the window is jealous and Bluto spots Popeye Olive Oil and Wimpy with Snow White and he gets jealous seeing Olive Oil flirting with Popeye later the Queen and Bluto hire the Hunstmen telling him to take Snow White Popeye Olive Oil and Wimpy into the forest and kill them but the Hunstmen is afraid to do it but if he fails he will be in super trouble as proof of success he is to bring their hearts back in a box he takes them away from the castle and they pick flowers and spot a baby bird and help it fly and the Hunstmen gets ready to stab them but cant so he warns them of the Queens jealousy and lets them run off into the woods he kills wild pigs and places their hearts in the box and takes them back to the castle and gives them to the Queen and Bluto telling them its Snow Whites Popeyes Olive Oils and Wimpys and they rejoice and Snow White Popeye Olive Oil and Wimpy flee into the dark dreaded forest seeing monster trees logs that change into crocodiles and alligators bats and owls untill they meet friendly woodland animals that show them to the cottage they enter the cottage and see that its vacant so they tidy up the places getting rid of cobwebs wash dishes and sweep floors and wash clothes  meanwhile in the mines the dwarfs are digging for diamonds but when the bell ring they pack their axes and head home singing heigh ho at the cottage Snow White Popeye Olive Oil and Wimpy fall alseep upstairs in the beds as soon as the dwarfs return to the cottage they think an evil creature invaded their home so they enter to investagate but they see Snow White Popeye Olive Oil and Wimpy and let them stay so Popeye and Wimpy help the dwarfs wash up outside while Olive Oil helps Snow White cook dinner they wash in the barrell and afterwards eat dinner meanwhile back at the castle the Queen consults the Mirror again on who the fairest is but again the Mirror replies Snow White who is alive and lives with the Seven Dwarfs and that the Hunstmen has tricked her and Bluto has also been tricked he follows the Queen into the dungeon in the labratory where she has a black raven and black magic potions she has new plan to go to the cottage in a disguise she mixes poitons together drinking it changing into an old witch and plots to cook a poison apple so that when Snow White eats it she will be dead and Bluto loves the plan knowing that Popeye Olive Oil and Wimpy are at the cottage too back at the cottage Snow White the Dwarfs Popeye Olive Oil and Wimpy have a yodel dance party after the yodeling Snow White tells them a story of handsome Prince Charming afterwards they go to bed back at the castle in the dungeon labratory the Queen is fixing a poison apple in the cauldron and when its finished she offers it to the raven as a cruel joke making him hide in the skull and Bluto says its for Snow White not him and once the apple has been bite by her her breath grow steal blood conguel and she is fairest in the land again but has a fear of an antadote which is loves first kiss but Bluto tells her not worry of it so once the dwarfs find her dead they will burry her in the ground and Bluto tells the Queen that after she kills Snow White he will snatch Olive Oil and they place the apple in the basket and head down a door deep into the dungeon where a skeleton is reaching for the vase and the Queen mocks him saying thirsty have a drink and kicks the vase over causing a creepy spider to crawl out and they get on a boat and row out of the castle and into the moat and head into the forest the next morning the dwarfs leave the cottage and Popeye and Wimpy go with them while Olive Oil stays with Snow White but warn them of danger in the woods the Queen and Bluto talk about their plan but two cunning vultures in a tree sense death and follow them at the cottage Snow White and Olive Oil are baking a pie but the Queen arrives luck for her Snow White and Olive are fooled by her disguise but not the animals they try to pull the Queen away but Snow White and Olive Oil shoos them off and let her in and they spot Bluto winking at the Queen in the bushes so they run off to warn the dwarfs Popeye and Wimpy about it at the mines they grab the dwarfs Popeye and Wimpy and give them bad news that the Queen is at the cottage with Snow White and Popeye is shocked to hear that Bluto has paired with the Queen so him and Wimpy join the dwarfs and the animals and run to the rescue at the cottage the Queen tells Snow White that the apple is a wishing apple one wish and one bite she makes a wish for one day for Prince Charming to come sweep her off her feet and take her to his castle and bites the apple and falls down dead and Olive Oil is terrifed and Bluto grabs her and laughs with the Queen and gives her five and they run out the door but Popeye Wimpy the dwarfs and the animals chase her into the forest and the vultures follow and it rains and storms they chase the villains up a rocky cliff the Queen is trapped and has nowhere to go but Bluto tells the Queen that she should roll the boulder down the cliff and crush them and the Queen loves the idea she gets stick and threatens to roll down the boulder and the dwarfs Popeye and Wimpy and the animals are frightened and Bluto has an evil grin and Olive Oil is scared and the Queen cackles but lighting strikes the cliff where the Queen is standing and the Queen tumbles off the cliff and gets crushed by the boulder that rolls off the cliff and kills her and the vultures fly down the cliff and devour the Queens carcus Popeye battles Bluto and eats his spinach and knocks Bluto far out into space and rescues Olive Oil but when they return to the cottage they find Snow White dead and start crying the next day they place her in a coffin in the woods but Prince Charming arrives and kisses Snow White which breaks the spell and returns her to life she waves goodbye to the dwarfs and goes with Prince Charming to his castle and marries him and Popeye Olive Oil and Wimpy return home the end

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