Popeye Olive Oil and Wimpy return to agrabah with their old friends Aladdin Abu and Carpet and chase down theives who have stolen jewels Abis Mal their leader is robbed by them is foiled they steal back the jewels and load them up in the dessert in the lamp Iago escapes but refuses to release Jafar after his mistreatment so he drops his lamp down a well and flies into agrabah and return the stolen jewels to the good people of agrabah and decideds to give Jasmine the glass rose they return to the palace and are greeted by Rajah and he hands Jasmine the rose afterwards Jasmine kisses Aladdin and gently rubs her fingers on his chest thanking him for saving the kingdom and that the Sultan has dinner waiting for them and that he may to want changes before dinner meanwhile they walk into the city but meet Iago who they think is trying to trick them but run back into Abis Mal and his men attack but Iago pushes them off and gets thanks for saving them and at the palace they lock Iago in the cage and Jasmine arrives but Genie returns from vacation but still has his genie powers even though is finally free from the lamp he still has genie powers in the dessert Bluto arrives and meets Abis Mal but the theives try to kill them so they wash in a well and find a lamp and Bluto remembers the lamp and tells Abis Mal to rub it and he does and dark evil red genie comes out scaring the other theives away and Bluto tells Jafar that Abis Mal cant interact with his monsterous image so he changes into his human image and Jafar tells Abis Mal that he wishes to be taken to agrabah but Abis Mal wants his wishes first first wish is to have the legendary sunken treasure ship but instead of transporting it to him he transports him to the ship with sharks and octopuses and he takes him back to the dessert and tells him that they will be more wishes if he helps him get revange on Aladdin and helps Bluto get revange on Popeye wanting revange too he agrees to help them  at the palace Aladdin Popeye Olive Oil and Wimpy are having dinner with the sultan and the Genie is entertaining them but Iago is begging Abu to let him out of the cage and he does but Rajah attacks but he than tries to close the change being chased by Rajah and Iago is discovered and Razoul gets his swords out but Aladdin saves him and explains to the Sultan that Iago is not all bad and is to watch him but Jasmine is angry with him for keeping him a secret and cries but Genie and Wimpy suggest to Iago to use reverse physcologyand he does bringing Aladdin and Jasmine back together meanwhile Jafar Abis Mal and Bluto arrives and watch them from behind the walls and plot revange later that night Iago is enjoying fruit but Jafar enters the room with Abis Mal and Bluto and Abis Mal wishes for a treasure chest and Jafar grants it by changing his head into and turns it back and later tells Iago that he arranging a surprise for Aladdin and Bluto is aranging a surprise for Popeye and that Iago is gonna do it the next day Iago thinks of how it will be done and he spots Genie Abu and Wimpy playing pool and Wimpy searches the palace for a hamburger and Iago tells Aladdin that the Sultan might enjoy a magic carpet ride and Popeye decides to tag along  and Jafar and Bluto watch as their plans are working later Olive Oil joins Jasmine for a makeover while Wimpy joins Genie and Abu on their picnic and they start eating drumsticks and Genie makes hamburgers appear infront of Wimpy who gets ready to dig in but a spider is crawling on the hamburger more spiders invade the picnic Genie changes into an extremenator and spries the spiders but Jafar emereges and Genie is shocked and Bluto jumps out and surprises Wimpy telling him that he rejoined Jafar so he can get revange on his buddy Popeye but Genie throws lighting bolts and arrows at Jafar making him vanish and Genie is truimphed thinking he destroyed Jafar but Jafar reappears and sing a catchy song Youre Only Second Rate and he than traps Genie in an orb and chains Abu to the wall and Bluto ties Wimpy up to a chair and tapes his mouth shut and joins Jafar and Abis Mal to complete the rest of their revange meanwhile Aladdin Popeye the Sultan and Iago are on a magic carpet ride and cross a river with hippos in it and later park near it  but evil horsemen fly out and capture the Sultan and the dark master horseman grabs Popeye and Aladdin accuses Iago of tricking him and tries to rescue the Sultan and Popeye but falls down a waterfall and Abis Mal gets furouis thinking that Jafar saved Aladdin but Jafar tells Abis Mal of the plan  that it was not time for Aladdin to be killed yet and Bluto congrulates Iago for being apart of the scheme and Jasmine and Olive Oil are also captured and chained up in Jafars chamber and Bluto surprises Olive Oil and ties Popeye up Olive gets angry at Bluto for his treachery and Bluto Olive that Iago planned it and Olive accuses Iago of betraying them and Jafar cuts a hole in the Sultans turban and disguises himself as Jasmine telling Razoul that Aladdin murdered the Sultan and Razoul says that he will arrest Aladdin as soon as he returns to the palace meanwhile Aladdin returns but Razoul grabs him and throws him in the dungeon and Jasmine is angry saying that Aladdin killed her father and planned to rule agrabah ordering for him to exicuted at dawn and Razoul likes that plan and Jafar returns to his own image at his chamber and laughs at them saying that Aladdin will be exicuted at dawn and Abis Mal will get his wish and Bluto will be a power king of agrabah and dawn comes Razoul gets ready for Aladdins exacution and Jafar changes back into Jasmine and willing to bid Aladdin goodbye and heads to the courtyard and she tells Razoul to wait saying goodbye to Aladdin revealing to him that she is Jafar in disguise and leaves but Iago frees the Genie who rescues Aladdin and frees Jasmine Sultan Abu Carpet Popeye Olive Oil and Wimpy from the chamber and thank Iago for rescuing them but Aladdin tells them that they must stop Jafar and Popeye says that they also must get Bluto out of agrabah and Genie says the only to destroy Jafar is to destroy his lamp so they head off but Iago flies away owing them nothing meanwhile Jafar has reclaimed the Sultans throne in agrabah and demands for Abis Mal to release him from captivity of the lamp and gives him all the treasures he needs soon they arrive Wimpy fights Abis Mal and Popeye takes the lamp but Bluto snatches it from Popeye and Popeye jumps on Bluto trying to receive the lamp but Bluto grabs Popeye by the neck and hits him in the face but suddenly the spinach can falls out and Popeye eats it and knocks Bluton down and grabs Bluto and swings him around and knocks him out of the palace and Wimpy trips Abis Mal out on a tree but Jafar refuses to have his lamp destroyed so he changes back into the red genie and laughs unravaling the carpet again locking Popeye in a cage on molten lava lake and Aladdin tells Jafar that they are too much for him to handle but Jafar squeezes revealing himself to be Genie and he throws him aside and fights again but Iago flies by telling Jafar to shut up but Jafar knocks Iago out with his cosmic powers on a rock near the lava lake and laughs but Iago kicks Jafars lamp into the molten lava it sinks to the bottom and Jafar explodes into 85 peaces being destroyed forever and the carpet is back together and Popeye is free from the cage and the lava lake is gone but they gather around Iago thinking he is dead but is actually alive at the palace Iago is welcomed but Aladdin is not ready to be Sultan instead he wishes to explore the world rather than being cooped up in the palace and so does Jasmine and Abu Iago Rajah and Genie tell Popeye Olive Oil and Wimpy goodbye as they head home hoping to have another adventure with them the end

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