Poseidon Civil
Poseidon is the God of the Seas, and the Ruler and creator of Atlantis. His powers spread towards all of the Seas in the United Universe. He shows kindness and compassion to his friends but no mercy to his enemies. He controls all attriubutes of water to get his opponents soaked.


Poseidon was once under the Control of Lucifer until freed from his control and became a great ally ever since. He was born with two brothers, Zeus, & Hades. However, Poseidon, & Hades were not able to be with Zeus, when his father, Kronos, Ruler of the Titans, ended their chances. His heart was taken by The Heartless, as well as his brother Hades, while Zeus managed to escape. He grew to a young adult to learn that he had to stop his father, & revived his brothers, joining forces, they fought to bring an end to Kronos, defeating the other Titans, Forcing Kronos to unleash Typhon, who defeated Zeus, until Hera appeared, showing her love for him, reviving Zeus, enchancing him with the power of the Lightning Bolt, Poseidon, with the Power of The Seven Seas, & Hades, with the Power of Fire. Zeus defeated, Typhon, along with his Father, Kronos. Their The three took Olympus as their home, & Poesidon was made God of the Seas, weilding his mighty Trydant.



  • Poseidon always is known to find a way for cooling everyone of if it gets to hot.

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