Rafiki's Stick

Rafiki's Walking Stick

Rafiki (originally voiced by the late Robert Guillaume) is a mandrill and a character from the 1994 Disney animated classic The Lion King. Rafiki is an advisor to the king and a wise mystic. Amongst his responsibilities is raising baby Simba into the air to show everyone that there is a new king. He imagines great things for the boy, but when Scar lies and says he is dead, Rafiki believes him. However, he eventually and happily discovers that Simba is alive, finds him, and convinces him to return to Pride Rock and claim the throne.

He also served as an unofficial advisor to Timon, as shown in The Lion King 1 1/2. He tells Timon to "look beyond what [he] see[s]", but Timon takes the metaphor literally and tries to go as far as he can to find paradise. Eventually (and without even talking, as Timon expects and acts out his whole dialogue), he convinces Timon as well to return to Pride Rock with Pumbaa and help Simba,