This scene is called Rasputin's New Home, shown at the end of Aaron Meets Anastasia.


The scene begins in The Kingdom of Darkness, where only several villains have gathered to meet their newest member.

Lucemon: Lord Lucifer, he's here.

Lucifer: Very well Lucemon, bring him in.

Rasputin: Who dares bring me into this world of solitude?

Lucifer: That would be me.

Rasputin: Why Lucifer, what brings me here, after all, I'm a rotting corpse.

???: Why a new life Rasputin.

Lucifer: If you pledge your service to me, right Satan DeCreepy.

Satan: Yes Lord Lucifer, with all you can ever want.

Rasputin: Really, even...

Lucifer: Yes, even revenge.

Rasputin: If only I hadn't lost the gift from the dark forces, the key to my powers.

Lucifer: I'll make it worth your while. (creates a crystal ball with his soul inside.)

Rasputin: (gasps) Where did you get that?

Lucifer: I've held onto it, so, do we have a deal.

Rasputin: Oh, why Lucifer, I'm, (shakes Lucifer's hand) IN!!!!!!!!

Lucifer: Welcome to the family Rasputin! (laughs as he inserts the crystal into Rasputin's chest)

Rasputin: (screams) I Live AGAIN!!!!!! (laughs)

Lucifer: And now for some reinforcements, Rasputin, if you please.

Rasputin: Of course. Come My minions, Rise for Your Masters! Let your evil shine!

Members: In The Dark of The Night! In The Dark of The Night!

Rasputin: Find Them Now, Yes! Fly Ever Faster!

Members: In The Dark of The Night! In The Dark of The Night! In The Dark of The Night!

Lucifer: Revenge is Ours!!!!!!!! (LAUGHS)

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