This scene is when Superimon appears and reveals the truth of the Blackagumon he gave him.


The scene shows Blackagumon eating computer data.

Aaron: That's enough you little demon!

???: It's only just started.

Jake: I know that voice.

Suddenly, Superimon appears and gives the Balckagumon more data and starts to glow and grow.

Megan: Superimon! What do you want?

Superimon: Why, I only came to show you my present's true form.

Blackagumon: Blackagumon dark digivolve to...

Aaron: What's happening?!

Superimon: He's Digivolving, of course.

???: ...

Keith: Everyone out, Now!

As our heroes escape the area, the creature becomes it's true self. A huge Skeletal Dragon with a shark Torpedo on its back.

???: Skullgreymon!

Jeanene: (gasps)

Emi: That thing is huge.

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