Ronno's defeat.

Bambi 353

Ronno as an adult.

Ronno (voiced by Anthony Ghannam) is a villainous deer from Bambi and Bambi 2. In Bambi, Ronno appeared to cause trouble for Bambi. He tried to take Faline for himself, but Bambi defeated him. In Bambi 2, he acted as a bully to Bambi and his friends. But at the end, he got bit by a turtle and ran off screaming for his mommy.


  • Ronno will become Jeffrey's enemy in Jeffrey & Friends meet Bambi. He'll join forces with Discord.
  • Ronno will return for revenge and will become Jaden's enemy in the Jeffrey, Jaden & Friends meet Indiana Jones saga.
  • Jaden will meet Ronno again in Jaden's meets Bambi (1 & 2).
  • Ronno will become Hiccup's enemy in Hiccup meets Bambi.
  • Ronno will become Darkblade and The Eds' enemy in The Eds meet Bambi. He'll join the Scourge.

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