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Rothbart (voiced by the late Jack Palance) is the main antagonist of Jaden meets The Swan Princess. He is a sorcerer who uses to the Forbidden Arts to work his evil, he failed however, and was banished, but he vowed to return one day. Rothbart eventually did return with new powers and turned into a creature, and he attacked and defeated King William, and kidnapped Princess Odette. Rothbart wanted William's kingdom, he already tried it before, and learned that once you steal something, you spend your whole life fighting to keep what you took, so he chose Princess Odette to marry him so that he could rule her father's kingdom legally. He casted spell on Odette that transforms her into a swan every day, and back into a human at night when the moon's reflection is on the lake. Rothbart is also the mystically creature known as The Great Animal. In the end, he was defeated by Prince Derek with a catch and fire trick.



  • Rothbart will become Jeffrey's enemy in Jeffrey & Friends meet The Swan Princess.
  • Rothbart will return for revenge on Jaden in Jeffrey, Jaden & Friends meet Harry Potter saga.
  • Rothbart will return for revenge on Jeffrey in Jeffrey and Friends meet Gex trilogy.
  • Rothbart will become the Eds' enemy in The Eds' Adventures of The Swan Princess. He may one day return for revenge.
  • Rothbart will become Aaron's enemy in Aaron Meets The Swan Princess.
  • Rothbart will become Arik's enemy in Arik Meets The Swan Princess.
  • Rothbart will become Twilight and Kyle's enemy in Twilight and Kyle meets The Swan Princess.