Here's a couple of rules while working here on Jaden's Adventures Wiki so that you all can have fun in a safe way:

  1. Unlike Pooh's Adventures Wiki, this Wiki is very tolerant. So don't be afraid to share your adventures on here.
  2. Do not start or edit a Jaden's Adventures movie, Jeffrey & Friends' Adventures or any other pre-planned  movie without first speaking to Rtgoh, Tigerman531 or speaking to the rightful creator of that Adventure.
  3. If a character is already being used in a adventure movie, you cannot use that character in your own version of the movie (unless it's typed).
  4. When you create a character page, please put in who voices or performs the character. The actors and actresses should deserve some recognition.
  5. Do not just delete pages. First speak to the creator of the page, and tell them why you want to delete it.
  6. Try to keep this Wiki as appropriate as you can. So, no violence, cursing, or stereotyping. No pornographic films allowed.   (Note 1: Cool World is tolerated) (Note 2: If there's something mature you wish to feature, please contact Rtgoh1 first and be sure you have a warning for mature content on your stuff)
  7. All anime is allowed!
  8. If a character is not created by Disney, put them in the Non-Disney category.
  9. Original characters are acceptable.
  10. The whole purpose of the points is to help this Wiki grow. It's not a contest. So don't be desperate to be up in the rank.
  11. There are no penalties if you break the rules. As long as you don't do it again, than you're good.
  12. Stuff from Pooh's Adventures Wiki may be placed here on this Wiki.
  13. Videos can be added to the articles. If a video has been deleted from YouTube or any other video source, than be sure you delete it here on the Wiki.
  14. To BrerJake90: If you promise to not delete any pages involving Jaden's Adventures, than you can work on here too.
  15. Do not ruin other users' pages and write bad stuff in it. This wiki won't allow that kind of behavior. And do NOT add bad pictures to the wiki either!
  16. Please do not put in real-life people onto the Wiki. Only fictional characters are allowed. (However there can be some acceptions like Michael Jordan and Bill Nye the Science Guy)
  17. No copycats allowed. You must have your own original Adventure series. Don't just use someone else's.
  18. Do NOT remove stuff that is connected to someone else's Adventure series. It's not polite.
  19. No Family Guy AT ALL!!!!!
  20. No pictures of real-life spiders allowed here! It's because Tigerman531 is scared of them.
  21. If something bothers you on this Wiki, simply ignore it. Do not complain about it for the sake of other people's feelings.
  22. Have Fun!!!!!