Sasha by Tomas Jefferson
Sasha is a young girl who discovers she has a hidden power which attracts Aaron's archeneimies. She is very kind, wise, and can always try to break up an arguement between her friends and family. She is the reincarnation of Aphrodite, the Divine Lord of Love.


Sasha was separated from her parents as a baby, growing up as an orphan, until she discovers that she has an older brother from Athena, hearing this, she sets out to find him. After a few years of traveling, she's grown to become a very lovely young girl, and eventually finds her brother. Sasha, now fully grown, lives with her brother and joins her friends to tell her story.



  • Sasha's older brother is Alone
  • She will reunite with him at the end of Aaron's Adventures of Saint Seiya.

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