"Let's Dance with the deceased!" - Seth's catchphrase.

Seth Shibuya is one the newest and the most special in strategies of The Miztyk Knights. He focuses more on preparing ideas and strategies for the others, so he doesn't really play the Miztykz card game that much. When, he does play, he really let's loose all his ideas in motion in his main Miztyk creature, The Dracolich.

Seth is very kind, caring, and always ready to help repair something or someone that's hurt. He also specializes in medical study, because one day, he plans to be a doctor. He mainly also anaylizes the style the opponent uses to help find a way to use that plan against them. Seth is also the heir to his family company, Shibuya Industries.


Seth is a very special person when it comes to certain areas of interests he's in. He can be very helpful when it comes to using computers, or when they're bad condition. His dream career, however, is to become a doctor, he helps out a lot when his friends have any broken bones, or have gotten sick.


  • Seth really gets along with Joe and Gomamon, due to the fact the two are both planning to become a doctor
  • It's hinted that Seth has a crush on Sasha
  • Seth was under the possession of Lucifer, dubbed King Zoron before he met Aaron Matsuhiro.

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