Slippy Assault One
Slippy Toad is a toad who is a longtime friend of Fox since their school days. Young, kind, and intelligent, he serves as the inventor and mechanic of the team. Slippy attended Cornerian Academy, specializing in engineering. Slippy's father, Beltino Toad, serves as the director of Engineering at Space Dynamics Co. Ltd.,[1] and later serves the Research Director for the Cornerian Defense Forces. Slippy invents and constructs many inventions for the team, including the Blue Marine and the Landmaster. After the Aparoid race is destroyed in Star Fox: Assault, he temporarily withdraws from the Star Fox team. However, when Fox needs backup in Star Fox Command, he comes to his assistance again. He is currently engaged to a frog named Amanda, and in two endings in Star Fox Command they have children together. Slippy Toad has a habit of falling prey to enemy pilots, and as such calls upon the player's attention at any inconvenient moment for assistance. In both Star Fox 64 and Star Fox Assault, the player needs to save Slippy within the first few seconds of the first mission.

Slippy makes a cameo appearance in Super Smash Bros. Brawl as one of Solid Snake's contacts on his Codec (via hacked transmission) whenever Snake faces Falco and sometimes a contact for Fox, Falco, or Wolf with a taunt on the Star Fox battlefield. He gives advice to Snake about Falco.

He is voiced by Kyouko Tonguu in the Japanese versions of the series except Star Fox 64 3D, in which he was voiced by Kei Hayami. He is also voiced by Lyssa Browne in the English versions of Star Fox 64 and Star Fox 64 3D, Chris Seavor in Star Fox Adventures and Super Smash Bros. Melee, and Mike McAuliffe in Star Fox: Assault and Super Smash Bros Brawl.


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