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 "Snotlout! Snotlout! Oi! Oi! Oi!"- Snotlout

Snotlout Jorgenson (Voiced By Jonah Hill) Is One Of The Characters In Jaden Learns How to Train Your Dragon. He's Was One Of The Jock Of The Vikings, He Usually Tries To Impress Astrid, But Fails, Because Astrid Becomes Hiccup's Girlfriend. He Wanted To Be Brave Like The Other Vikings, But Never Good As them, His Father, Spitelout Jorgenson, Was Stoick's Second In Command. He Has A Pet Dragon, Named Hookfang, The Monstrous Nightmare, He rides With Him On Hookfang's Neck and Holding His Horns, Like A Motorcycle. He Tries To Get Hookfang To Obey His Orders, But Hookfang Doesn't Listen Or Ingnores It. He Gets Burn By Hookfang While Burning His Pants, Snotlout Runs To The Water and Sits There. He also Hiccup's Friend, But he also bullies at some other vikings, usually to picks on Fishlegs or Hiccup. 



  • He's A Member Of Hiccup's Adventures Team.
  • Snotlout Will Meet Jaden Yuki In Jaden Learns How To Train Your Dragon.
  • Snotlout will meet Jeffrey in Jeffrey & Friends learn How To Train Your Dragon.
  • Snotlout acts as the "stubborn, but still caring" uncle of Xion.
  • It's unknown if Snotlout forgives Ralphie for his past actions.

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