Transformers Prime Char render Soundwave
"Autobots are set to launch Megatron." - Soundwave to Megatron.

"Soundwave Superior, Autobots Inferior." - Soundwave to the Autobots.

Soundwave (Voiced by Frank Welker) is a robotic warrior for the Decepticons, & his leader, Megatron. He's armed a whole set of Cassetticons, a team of mini Decepticons which operate whenever Soundwave needs them. His four main battle partners are Rumble, Frenzy, Ravage, & Laserbeak. Soundwave is also known to be more of a silent talker, rather use his regular voice, mainly because he prefers action rather than words. When he does talk though, he has more of a robotic sound in his voice, which why, after all, he is a robot. The main reason was when he battled Bumbleebee (Transformers), his vocal box was damaged beyond repair. Soundwave is strong, clever, smart, & always loyal to Megatron, & his partner Shockwave.

Alternate forms

When Soundwave transforms, he can become, a futuristic van, a radio, & even an auto battle plane. One other alternate form he has is to become a satellite so he can hear whatever the Autobots have in plan.



  • Soundwave is also one of the most strongest of the team.
  • Soundwave also shows a lot of operations for his cassetticon team members.