Stormfly is a Deadly Nadder and Astrid's dragon. Stormfly is the perfect mix of beauty and brutality. Like all Deadly Nadder dragons, Stormfly is covered in armor-piercing poison spines.

Abilities and Skills

  • Intelligence: She is very intelligent and Stormfly show to be able to learn Astrid's commands.
  • Communication Skills: Stormfly has been trained to understand Astrid's hand gestures for commands like “Spine shoot”, she has also learned how to recognize he rider's dragon call that acts as a beckon in case her and her rider get's seperated.
  • Speed: Thanks to her diet of chicken, Stormfly can fly at Toothless' speed.
  • Loyalty: Stormfly is shown to have a strong bond with her rider, and is caring and protective of Astrid. Though sometimes she's willing to connect with others, like Heather, and let them rider her.
  • Fire: Stormfly can use her fire to hold it in her mouth to see in the dark cave with her rider.
  • Synchronization: Stormfly will let Astrid do handsprings and cartwheels while flying in the air
  • Spineshot: Her spine shot is the most often attack to be use against enemies.
  • Single Spineshot: Stormfly is also able to accurately shoot one spine by being tapped on the back of her head.
  • Strength: Stormfly can lift her rider and can carry heavy loads at the same time in the air like holding large metal cage with Leader Stinger inside also can hold another speed stinger with no signs of struggling.
  • Rescue Skill: Stormfly was trained to use her spines to create a 'ladder'. Because of this, Astrid could climb the side of a cliff, in case they would have to resucue something where dragons cannot come.


  • Stormfly will appear in Jaden knows How To Train Your Dragon.
  • Stormfly is a friend to Xion.

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