Superimon by hewylewis-d4aggbr

Superimon is a Mega-Level, Virus Type, Fallen Angel Digimon. He's controls the Digital World, with an iron fist, and his enemies know it. Superimon has been know to also be called, The Supreme Ruler.

Superimon was created by Hewy Toonmore, an animated movie reviewer, and the main antagonist of the fanfic series, Digimon Heroes. Superimon has to power to grant his loyal soldiers the ability to digivolve, if they continued to remain loyal to him.

Powers and Form

Superimon has many known powers, like an attack called, Sword of Storms, which allows him to create and control powerful wind storms. However, he is even more dangerous and more powerful in his Chaos mode. He becomes this form after absorbing the data from both Malomyotismon, and Lilithmon. In this form, he has several new attacks, his personal favorite is Paradise Lost Punch, a move that allows him to move at incredilble speed, delivering very powerful punches to his opponents, followed by kicking them high into the air, then grabs them by their feet, while keeping their arms spread out dropping them, to the ground with a crash, now that's gotta hurt.



  • Superimon well become Aaron's enemy in Hacker Mainia and create Diaboromon
  • Superimon will get revenge in the Return of The Dark Masters 2 parter

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