Pop singing trio

Team Ultrarare are a group of girls forming a pop singing trio. All three are sisters, and all share different areas for their songs. The oldest is Suiko, the middle of the group is Kourin, & Rekka is the youngest.  Each member is also a Vanguard Fighter, all using the Angel Feathers clan. each also have their job at their own card shop, called PSY. They even work for their younger brother, Takuto. Each of the girls are currently at school, Suiko, in high school with Ren, Tetsu, & Asaka. Kourin, is at Miyaji High School, with her friends, Aichi, Naoki, Shougo, & Misaki. While Rekka is the Miyaji Junior High School, with Aichi's sister Emi, & her friend Mai.



  • Suiko, Takuto, & Rekka always love to push Kourin's buttons when it come to her feelings toward Aichi.
  • Team Ultrarare will meet Aaron in Aaron's Adventures in Cardfight Vanguard. At the end they will join the team.

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